Business and Industrial Management

March 1, 2016
18 Months


Executive Masters

This course addresses the needs of graduates from a range of disciplines who are seeking to increase their professional value through acquiring both an understanding of global, national and local pressures on business and a capability to respond professionally and effectively to those pressures.

It provides students with concepts, frameworks, analytical, problem solving and research skills to enable them to operate confidently and effectively in a global environment characterised by constant change and requiring flexible and innovative responses at a professional level.

Students apply unit content to develop dynamic and strategic responses to complex internal and external challenges facing organisations from the perspective of strategic decision making, strategic finance, contemporary marketing challenges and managing complex alliances across the public and private sector.

Successful completion of this program can improve prospects of employment, enhance your current job performance, aid promotion towards middle or senior management and increase your ability to meet new opportunities. The program should enhance your capabilities for working within technical, operational or line management roles while increasing your value contribution to an organisation.


MASTER : The Master Degree  will be awarded by Asia e University
LEARNING CENTER : Classes will be conducted at various location throughout Malaysia (KL, Klang, Penang , Setiawan, Kemaman, Johor Baharu, Miri dan Kota Kinabalu )with the intention to bring the programme closer to our students.
WORK SKILLS: Unique blending of academic and practical learning with industry experts.
STUDY MATERIALS: Study materials such as notes, online library facilities, academic supervisor and refreshments are provided to enhance our support.
CONVENIENT: Classes will be conducted only on weekends and students are allowed to choose their preferred study centre.
PAYMENTS: Candidates can pay their program fees through EPF (ACCOUNT 2 ) , Interest free monthly instalments , bank loans , HRDF Claimable as training module and others.