Engineering Management

March 1, 2016
15 Months


Executive Bachelor

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering management, students will learn how to apply business management principles to the engineering field. Some programs focus on the management of a particular engineering discipline, and individuals may consider the type of engineering in which they wish to work.

Engineering management bachelor’s programs include courses  in technology  , maintenance , finance, accounting and business management. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that the top-employing industries for engineering managers include engineering service firms, manufacturing, research and development ( Many engineering management positions require individuals with experience as engineers in the field they will be managing.

The following list indicates some of the job titles that individuals who complete engineering management programs may hold such as Systems engineering manager, Quality assurance manager, Manufacturing engineering manager ,Value engineering manager and Project manager.


BACHELOR: The Bachelor Degree  will be awarded by Asia e University
LEARNING CENTER : Classes will be conducted at various location throughout Malaysia (KL, Klang, Penang , Setiawan, Kemaman, Johor Baharu, Miri dan Kota Kinabalu )with the intention to bring the programme closer to our students.
WORK SKILLS: Unique blending of academic and practical learning with industry experts.
STUDY MATERIALS: Study materials such as notes, online library facilities, academic supervisor and refreshments are provided to enhance our support.
CONVENIENT: Classes will be conducted only on weekends and students are allowed to choose their preferred study centre.




Candidates can pay their program fees through EPF (ACCOUNT 2 ) , Interest free monthly instalments , bank loans , HRDF Claimable as training module and others.


15 Months